by sunspears

There was something entirely captivating about her eyes. There was something in the way they looked at everything with unguarded curiosity, with unadulterated genuineness. There was something in the way they shone, the way they seem to zero in on just one thing every time she casts her gaze upon it, like she’s focusing all of her attention and pouring it out all at once.

But there was something especially unique whenever she looked over at you. There was something in the way she tilts her chin up and lifts her face, as if she’s basking in the presence of your person even when you think it should be the other way around. There’s something in the watery sparkles of her eyes that draws you in, akin to the bending of the moon around the earth as you stoop down, and she stands on the tips of her toes like a bird about to take flight. And you and her kiss for what seems like infinite seconds, in those spaces you feel like her starburst is filling up your empty, and your moonlight is keeping her in place.

When you part, you watch as her dark eyelashes brush the apples of her cheeks, dark crescents that wax to reveal beautiful brown eyes that shimmer like the clear water under the summer sun.

And her eyes won’t stop collecting light.